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Träningsmatcher 7-8 september
2018-09-10 12:37
Nässjö - Borås    85-81 (16-26, 25-23, 14-16, 30-23)

Nässjö - Köping  85-88 (24-23, 17-17, 25-13, 19-28)

We are pleased with our performance in both games. Of course we could do it better, be more consistent and much more focused specially in Köpings game, but we knew would be a possibility and happened so now we might be able to work on it. 
In preseason we not only test the team in terms of tactics but mentally.

On Friday against Borås we improved many aspects of the game one week after to play with them away, our offense transition provided us a higher pace, the unselfish ball movement created looks for almost every player who got in and played and we are satisfied with the capacity we showed to slow down their game through a pretty good defensive transition, where all the guys were focused, communicated properly and on time and made the right decisions. We shouldnt have suffered such a panic ending but finally we managed to get the win in front a supportive crowd.

One day after, we struggled at the beginning, tired legs, we couldnt find ourselves comfortable on court, making bad decisions in offense that affected in the defensively end, where we were so good 24 hours before. We were not consistent in the paint and allowed many easy points under the basket. Our reaction wouldnt come until the last quarter, where the team started to show some positive signs from Borås game and we reduced the difference in a such way where we found ourselves with a last shot to tie the game and go to the overtime. Unfortunately that shot didn´t reach the target and Köping won a game that deserve with no doubt.

One week more we must talk about the big contribution from our youngsters showing character and bravery when they got into the game.

Jordi Juste, Headcoach

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