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Nässjö Basket

Välkommen till Nässjö Basket Franklin Williams Jr
2018-06-08 08:17

Nässjö Basket har idag signat Franklin Williams Jr över säsongen 2018/2019. Franklin som närmast kommer från Kansas City Tornados dyker upp i Nässjö i mitten av augusti!

Headcoach Jordi Juste: 

Franklin is a 66" forward, with a lot of points in his hands. Great shooter from three point range with a quick release it makes difficult to block or even contest the shot, he also understands the game, spreading the floor or cutting aggressively to the basket. We also expect he will be able to help in defense with his ability to be in the passing line and help with the rebound at both ends thanks of his size and athleticism. 

When we got to know him off the court we met a humble person who also showed a fiercely determination to play overseas. His eyes, his look show he is really hungry to make steps forward in his career.

He is looking forward to start and help Nässjö Basket to get better and be a strong contender this season. We really believe he can make an impact in Basketligan.

I wont forget the key role has played Chad Briscoe to bring Franklin in our team. First and foremost because he organized the tryout where we got the opportunity to watch him playing and second his interest in the whole process to get an agreement both, the club and player.

Welcome Franklin, exciting times ahead of us!


Franklin Williams Jr:  Im very excited to join Nässjö Basket in the Swedish Basketball-League! To be able to play in the top league in Sweden and one of the best in Europe my first time abroad means a lot to me. I want to thank the entire Nässjö organization for believing in my abilities on the court and my character off the court to represent them. Coming to play in Nässjö was the best place for me to start my international career. The Swedish Basketball-League has som respectable clubs and lots of talent but I am humbled and ready to come in and get to work to help this club get back into the playoffs!


Franklins statistik säsongen 2018/2019 (Kansas City Tornados)


- 20.7 ppg, 5 reb, 3 apg, 2.8 stl, 1.2 TO

- 51 % 2pfg, 47 % 3pfg, 79 % FT

- 101 3pt mad (30 games)

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Nässjö-Luleå 96-1032020-12-30 23:14
Köping-Nässjö 63-712020-12-20 12:36
Nässjö-Jämtland 70-672020-12-12 11:22
Nässjö-Köping 78-762020-10-31 08:38
Nässjö-Eos 89-842020-09-20 06:37
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