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Nässjö Basket

Borås - Nässjö Basket

Matchstart:sön 02 september, 13:00
Plats:Övrig plats
Träningsmatch mot Borås Basket 180902
2018-09-03 11:11
Slutresultat 81-75 (28-14) ( 19-25) (7-28) (27-8)
It was a good test against a tough team, where we had a slow start, making few mistakes in defense and offense. 

But in the 2Q we started to play with composure, looking for better options in offense especially in the low post. We were able to create from there and it allowed us to find more space to get more threes. 

Reducing the distance wasnt enough and we would say the 3Q was the best period played in this preseason. We showed a high level of commitment and intensity in defense and came to get many chances to run the fastbreak and play with a high pace moving the ball, one of our goals in this early preseason. 

Unfortunately in the last quarter, our energy and focus went down and we couldnt find solutions to Boras plan in defense and we lost the control of the game in hands of the opponent. 

We are in preseason and its difficult to find a balance and be consistent during the games. Every week and every game we have added new players and the same will happen the next couple of games with Facundo. What I mean is that in this stage we cannot go fast and pretend to skip steps in our preparation. We are happy, we consider we made a step forward yesterday, we know where we want to go and we are working on it with a great bunch of players, within a good chemistry also so important and we cannot forget the exceptional job and contribution day in day out of our youngsters.

Dartaye 19, Robin 11, Marquis 10, Tomas 10, Felix 9, Franklin 7, Kirre 5, Joel 3, Filip 1

Jordi Juste, Headcoach

Kommande helg har ni möjlighet att se vårt ligalag på hemmaplan då de möte Borås Basket på fredag kl 19.00 samt Köping på lördag kl 17.00.
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